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Past Events
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Čao Portorož came together in 2009 as a four-piece. They play a variation of alternative indie-punk seasoned with spicy lyrics, conspicuous topics and clever wordplay.

Čao Portorož playing a live version of their song "Mister Clint" in Kino Udarnik Maribor as a part of Lent Festival.


Čao Portorož is a quartet consisting of: Ivian Kan Mujezinović (bass guitar, vocals), Gregor Andolšek (guitar, vocals), Anže Petrič (guitar), and Aljoša Cetinski (drums) who all played in various Slovene alternative bands in the 1990s. They follow a few simple rules when it comes to their music which is concise but powerful. They got together through common acquaintances and simply started rehearsing and playing live shows. Their first, self-titled album saw the light of day in 2011. In addition to their explosive live shows and forceful recordings they also provided music for Antonton, a theatrical children's performance directed by Tijana Zinajić.

They were chosen to join the six finalists of the Club Marathon tour in 2012 and released their second album (which was again self-titled) at the end of 2013. Music is an important and serious component of their lives but they enjoy taking it with a grain of spontaneity. They consider authenticity one of the most important aspects of every creative endeavour and insist that their songs must reflect a certain zeitgeist.

Performances and releases

Their first, self-titled album was self released and came out in 2011. The second one followed two years later in 2013 and was published by KAPA Records, where Nina Bulatovix – with whom they played many a live show – is also signed.

In October 2014 they performed acoustic versions of their songs on the Izštekani (Unplugged) programme of Val 202 radio station. They also performed at the concert in Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture and numerous other Slovene clubs, and were guests of INmusic festival (HR) in 2015.

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