Museum support services

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In the 1990s, three professional organisations jointly laid the foundations for new working methods in Slovene museums, for the broadening of activities, and for projects aimed at attracting more museum visitors. All three are still active today: the International Council of Museums (ICOM), Slovenia intensifies the participation of Slovene museums in international events, the Association of Slovene Museums connects Slovene museums institutionally, organises the biennial Museum Fair and engages in training and publishing (Guide to Slovene Museums, electronic Virtual Guide to Slovene Museums from 2000), and the Slovene Museum Society connects all museum professionals and experts in the country on an individual basis (around 1,300 members), organises a Biennial Convention of Museum Professionals and Museoforum, and grants the Honorable Valvasor Award, the highest award in Slovene museology. The twice-yearly Argo Magazine is a collective project of the Association of Slovene Museums, the Slovene Museum Society and the National Museum of Slovenia. It is the most important professional publication of Slovene museum experts.

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