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Contact info
KUD Samosvoj
Livarska 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Mateja Adamič, President
Phone386 (0) 41 526 266
Bara Kolenc, Artistic Director
Online accounts:

Past Events

KUD Samosvoj Cultural Association is a production company established in 1999 by the dancer and choreographer Bara Kolenc, choreographer and light designer Borut Bučinel, and the band Melodrom. KUD Samosvoj is mainly active in the fields of contemporary theatre, dance, and music production, but has also produced some intermedia projects.

Retorika is a multi-year modular project exploring the field of language and communication. The project idea “Metamorphoses 4º: BLACKHOLES” by Bara Kolenc & Atej Tutta was selected to receive the TT Stückemarkt Commission of Work 2016. The work was produced at Schauspiel Dortmund in 2017 and presented at the Brut theatre in Vienna.


To date KUD Samosvoj (in English: "independent") has produced numerous dance and theatre productions by Bara Kolenc and Borut Bučinel and supported the activity of the music band Melodrom. Kolenc's choreographic debut was White [Bela] (1999), followed by five performances including Gargoyle [Razobraz], Abyss [Brezdno], Incisio Rubida, which was co-produced by Cankarjev dom, and Memoars [Memoari] (2006). Borut Bučinel's productions include Winter Tale [Zimska pravljica] (2004), Strange Are the Ways of God [Čudna so pota gospodova] (2005), which was co-produced with KUD Pozitiv Cultural Association, and the performance piece Lunatic [Lunatik] (2007).

KUD Samosvoj also produces and co-produces some of the productions by the music groups Melodrom, Katalena, and Miusow Quartet, as well as new productions by young authors. It also organises dance, theatre, and vocal workshops, led by Kolenc, Bučinel, and Irena Tomažin. The artists usually work together: Melodrom has produced the music for performances and Borut Bučinel has created the light design and stage sets for several Kolenc's performances.

International exposure

Their work has been presented in Italy, Austria, Germany, Armenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia, at festivals such as Teatarfest (Bosnia and Herzegovina), AvanGrad 2007 (Serbia), Highfest 2007 (Armenia), and at the Gibanica (Moving Cake) Festival of Slovene Dance.

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