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Zavod GVR
Litostrojska 10, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 31 589 877
Vlado Repnik, Director

GVR Institute for Contemporary Arts is an organisation for the production of contemporary multimedia, visual, and performing arts established in 1992 by Vlado G. Repnik. A vehicle for the work of the theatre director and multimedia artist Vlado Repnik, the institute recently increasingly focuses on the production of internet and intermedia projects. One of such productions is the performance Evergreen - Comments on Media [Evergreen - komentarji o medijih] (2009), co-produced by the frequent collaborating institute Intima Virtual Base, along with Bunker Institute and Eẋ Ponto International Festival, which aimed to reflect on the paradoxical layers of our perception and different understandings of media translations. In the recent years the production turned towards urban interventions such as the Blank_Protest (2007– 2013).


Together with the theatre director Bojan Jablanovec and the architect Aljoša Kolenc, Vlado Repnik set the ground for his later theatre research-oriented projects in the project THEATRE [GLEDALIŠČE], which in 1988 produced the performance Helios, based on Bertolt Brecht's Galileo Galilei, with the students of the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT). Repnik's subsequent theatre production is marked by continual conceptual shifts, while the projects move along the edges of the visual arts and theatre. In 1990, Repnik created the acclaimed performance Brigades of Beauty [Brigade lepote], which was presented also at the Evrokaz Festival, and Gertrude Stein (1994), shown at the Pula Festival, Croatia, at the Prague Quadriennal in 1995, and directed the performance I tempi passati (1999) at the Mladinsko Theatre, etc.


During the last decade, Repnik has been increasingly involved in Internet and intermedia projects, in which he collaborates with a number of artists coming from the fields of multimedia as well as performing arts. GVR's frequent collaborator is Igor Štromajer of the Intima Virtual Base, with which it collaborated in a number of projects, among them, the intermedia project Mary, Piss on Takashi Please! [Mojca, polulaj se prosim na Takašija!], in collaboration with Robert Klančnik, staged in March 2005 at Museum of Modern Art, MetaModel / MET(k)A MAKETA (2007), etc.

In 2008, Repnik in collaboration with Austrian contemporary dancer and movement artist Martina Ruhsam initiated in the frame of the Mladi levi Festival the Blank Protest, a local hour of a global intervention, a follow-up to a similar action held in New York, which featured an exhibition of previous actions in the project's co-producer City Museum of Ljubljana. The manifestation H Story (2007), also co-authored by Repnik and Ruhsam, also appeared at the City Museum of Ljubljana.

GVR has also cooperated with the Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts with the project Shortly After The Re_Move (2009), subtitled The Performative Machine and the Exhibition in Progress, featuring Aleksei Blinov, Robert Klančnik, Martina Ruhsam, Igor Štromajer, and Veronika Zott. In 2008, GVR produced a discursive action with the translation I can work with you because I can speak for myself [Lahko delam s teboj, ker lahko govorim zase], presented at Škuc Gallery. In 2006, the installation Theatre Protocol was exhibited in the Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana and the All About Lessoto project presented at KIBLA Multimedia Centre in Maribor.

International cooperation

Besides collaborations with foreign artists, GVR has also cooperated with Copypaste, Austria, in the polymedia action One Dollar One Dollar (2007), which was presented in dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna, in the frame of the Imagetanz Festival, while GVR's productions appeared in Austria, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, etc.

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