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Group Early Music Festival, the Festival Ljubljana, the Lent Festival and the Primorska Summer Festival
31 May 2010 09:50:08
Established in 1992 as a voluntary, independent, and non-profit union, the Union of Slovene Folklore Groups brings together 72 registered folklore groups and associations, and 6 festivals (among them the CIOFF festival Folkart International Folklore Festival, Maribor and the Mediterranean International Folklore Festival (MIFF)) to cooperate with folklore festival organisers both in Slovenia and abroad in the presentation of Slovene folkloric customs, music, and dance.
19 February 2021 00:38:45
Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory 2014 Dorojevic Stupica Neur-O-Matic Photo Miha Peterlic (3).jpg
The OHO Group Award is given annually to an individual Slovene artists or a group of Slovene artists up to 35 years of age, for works of art in the field of painting, photography, video, new media and performance.
19 February 2021 01:44:38
VAL Piran Folkloric Dance Group (logo).jpg
VAL Piran Folkloric Dance Group
11 May 2015 13:06:19
Originally established as a cultural society (KD Ropot) in 2013 before becoming a limited company in 2019, the Ropot Group is a team of young design creatives led by Tina Semolič and Rok Avsec.
1 February 2021 14:08:11
The Gallina women's vocal quartet was founded in 2010 in Ljubljana.
6 April 2018 18:23:08
Launched in 2006 by the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia to complement its annual Linhart Encounter, the Visions Festival of Young Theatre Groups is a showcase of the best Slovene youth theatre productions of the season.
24 November 2020 16:08:43
VAL Piran Folkloric Dance Group 2004 Saltworkers Festival.JPG
Established in 1961, the VAL Piran Folkloric Dance Group is one of Slovenia's leading folkloric dance troupes which has received many prizes and commendations from the Municipality of Piran-Pirano for its work.
24 November 2020 16:29:57
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