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Mednarodna ustanova Forum slovanskih kultur
Mestni trg 18, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone386 (0) 8 205 2800
Fax386 (0) 1 256 5738
Managed byMinistry of Culture
Andreja Rihter, Director
Tina Huremovič, Project coordinator
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Past Events

The initiative to set up the Forum of Slavic Cultures was presented for the first time during the Bush-Putin Summit at Brdo pri Kranju in June 2001. The Forum of Slavic Cultures is an international institution established in 2004 as a legal entity of private law ("ustanova"). The organisation and operation of the Forum of Slavic Cultures falls under responsibility of the Ministry of Culture.

Mission and membership

The Forum aims to preserve and develop cultural values, traditions and contents shared by Slavic-speaking countries. To this end it promotes co-operation among these countries in the cultural, educational and scientific spheres, develops cultural exchanges, organises meetings and provides for the design of joint projects. Achievements in these spheres are presented to the broad international public. The Slovene EU Presidency of 2008 provided a unique opportunity to present the Forum and the achievements of its members to a broad European public.

Members of the Forum include Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Ukraine. The Czech Republic and Poland hold observer status

In keeping with the standing statute of the Forum, each member country names one member of the Board as well as its own Programme Council (PC). The number of Council members is not limited, however, no more than three members per country can co-operate internationally or take part in international meetings.

Project support

The Forum of Slavic Cultures runs three major projects. The 100 Slavic Novels collection is managed by the Slovene Writers’ Association and involves multilateral translations of 10 novels, selected by each member country. The first three Slovenian translations were: The Geographer Drank Away the Globe by Aleksej Ivanov, The First Second Coming by Aleksej Slapovski and a Macedonian novel Alphabet For the Disobedient by Venko Andonovski.

The second major project is Slavic Heritage which fosters exhibition exchanges and the festivals dedicated to film (the Slavic Film Festival) and literature (the Slavic Bridge Festival and the World Literatures - Fabula Festival) while the third part of the programme is dedicated to Youth Exchange.

Slavic Film Festival 2009 website.jpg

During 2009 the Forum of Slavic Cultures supported also some small-scale projects in Slovenia. The support was granted for the publishing of Studia Mythologica Slavica and a number of smaller international projects, e.g. a poetry translation workshop Golden Boat in Škocjan, Tomaj and Ljubljana, two international symposia in Ljubljana (Rearticulation – the Law of Capital: History of Oppression, Experimental Theatre Space in Central Europe), a touring of the performance Atelier by Bara Kolenc, etc.

In October 2009 the Forum supported participation of representatives of Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Ukraine at the international symposium entitled 1989-2009: Religion and the Turnaround in East Central and Southeast Europe organised by Slovenian Scientific Institute in Vienna.

Živa Award for the Best Slavic Museum

Since 2014 the foundation and the European Museum Academy have bestowed the Živa Award for the Best Slavic Museum. The first Živa Award went to the Gallery of Matica Srpska in Novi Sad. The 2015 Živa Award was bestowed to the Leo Tolstoy Museum – Estate Yasnaya Polyana, Russian Federation, and a special recommendations for museum leadership was given to Blaž Peršin, the director of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana. In 2017 the best Slavic museum became the Slovenian Alpine Museum.

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