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Mono o, zavod za kulturo in izobraževanje
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Though formally established earlier, the story of Monoo production company roughly starts in 2011. At that time, the small crew of Monoo started working on various productions that in the following years have turned out rather fruitful. Be it a documentary, short film, or an art movie, they've all attracted ample critical praise and furthermore a successful festival run.

All of the core members of Monoo have a background in the film industry. For example, before she started creating her own works, the writer and director Sonja Prosenc had worked on a number of other productions as an assistant director and lighting designer and – together with Monoo member Mitja Ličen – also doing set photography and graphic design for films by renowned directors like Jan Cvitkovič and Janez Burger of Staragara production.

Film production

With the establishment of Monoo, the collaboration between Staragara and the newly formed production company evolved into the co-production of a documentary portrait of the painter Janez Tisnikar, titled Mož s krokarjem (Man with a Raven) (2012), directed and written by Sonja Prosenc with cinematography by Mitja Ličen. This tandem has become a staple for other productions by Monoo and their next work – co-produced with A Atalanta – was the short film Jutro [Morning] (2012), for which the music was recorded by the prolific duo Silence. The film premièred at the Helsinki Film Festival, was sold for broadcasting in 31 countries after its festival run and was also part of the Eurochannel Short Film Tour. Both of these films were co-produced by RTV Slovenia and the post-production company NuFrame.

The Tree

Drevo (The Tree) was also one of the projects that Monoo began back in 2011. The script and the movie were further developed at the EAVE Producer's Workshop and the Baltic Event Co-production Market in 2012. When the film was released in 2014, it met with enthusiastic critical acclaim, gathered a number of nominations and awards (four of the latter at the Festival of Slovenian Film) and has since screened at numerous festivals. It is also a Slovenian candidate for the 2016 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

The film had its world première at the Karlovy Vary Festival and was later screened at – to mention just a few – the Cairo International Film Festival, the Film By The Sea International Film Festival, the Black Nights Film Festival Tallin, the Mumbai Film Festival, the Kerala International Film Festival, the International Film Festival of Thrissur, the Noordelijk Film festival, the Film Festival Nilambur, the Byron Bay International Film Festival, Cannes Marche du film, the Panorama Europe Film Festival New York, etc.

Current projects

In 2015, Monoo released two other short films, one of them again a co-production with Staragara. The other, Impromptu, has been screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. Another feature film is also currently in production and the script is once again being developed in a workshop at the MIDPOINT Central European Script Centre.

The Cinema-moon tour

In 2015, Monoo conceptualised a project of what they call "advanced distribution". Under the name Kinoluna ("Cinema-moon") they organised a travelling open-air cinema and a series of screenings of their films in various smaller cities throughout Slovenia.

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Mono o, zavod za kulturo in izobraževanje +
SI-1000 Ljubljana +
Though formally established earlier, the story of Monoo production company roughly starts in 2011. +
Though formally established earlier, the story of Monoo production company roughly starts in 2011. +
Ljubljana +
SI-1000 +