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Veleposlaništvo Republike Slovenije Moskva
Malaja Dmitrovka 14/1, 127006 Moscow
Phone7 495 737 6355
Darja Bavdaž Kuret, Ambassador
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The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Moscow is responsible for the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tadzikistan, Uzbekistan, and Belorussia.

The embassy provides a range of consular services, disseminates information about Slovenia in Russia and looks for cooperation opportunities, especially in the fields of trade and economy. Its tasks also include promoting Slovene arts and culture through cultural exchanges, promotions, presentations, and public diplomacy.

Cultural cooperation

The first legal basis for cooperation in the field of culture was the Agreement on Cooperation in Culture, Education and Science between the Republic of Slovenia and Russian Federation, signed in 1995. Based on this agreement, the two governments signed a few biannual cooperation programmes.

In late 2019 the Programme of Cooperation between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in Culture, Science, Education, Sports and Youth Policy for 2019–2021 was signed.

The embassy itself has limited funding for art and culture. Such funds are available through public tenders of the Ministry of Culture or through foundations for international funding based in Russia.

The embassy provides information and disseminates information on study in Russian Federation. In cooperation with CMEPIUS - Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes each year Slovenia grants a limited number of students from Russia to pursue their studies in Slovenia.

Literature and theatre

The embassy has supported public readings and guest appearances of several authors: writers Milan Dekleva, Milan Jesih, and Andrej Skubic at the Library for Foreign Literature – Rudomino in Moscow. In cooperation with the Slovenian Book Agency and the Slovene Writers’ Association, Drago Jančar, Mojca Kumerdej, and Slavko Pregl were present at the Moscow International Book Faire in 2013.

In the framework of Festival World Days of the Slovenian Language, organised the Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language each December, the embassy co-funded presentations of Sebastijan Pregelj and Vinko Möderndorfer at the literary evening.

The proximity of Slavic languages have allowed greater exchange between Slavic countries throughout the history, also when it comes to theatre and ballet. The list of theatre houses from Slovenia that have performed their plays in Russia is extensive: Prešeren Theatre Kranj, Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, Mladinsko Theatre, Mini Theatre, and KUD Ljud.

Visual arts and new media art

Visual artists like the collective IRWIN or Vadim Fiškin have been regular guests in Moscow and have been followed closely by the contemporary art scene in Russia. Vadim Fiškin, who lives and works in Ljubljana (DUM Association of Artists), presented his work at the European Biennial of Contemporary Art MANIFESTA 10 at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg in 2014.

The exhibition that gained wide response in 2015, Grammar of Freedom - Five Lessons: Works from the Arteast 2000+ Collection, was presented at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow in 2015 and co-curated and co-organised by Moderna galerija.

In the field of new media art Marko Peljhan (Projekt Atol Institute), artist and professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, presented his Arctic Perspective Initiative in 2014. Dragan Živadinov, a co-founder of the Neue Slowenische Kunst and a founder of the Noordung Cosmokinetic Cabinet, presented the informance Postgravitiy Art at the Media Festival Platform in Moscow. Živadinov is also a regular guest at Star City, Moscow's Cosmonaut Training Centre, where he, together with Miha Turšič and Dunja Zupančič, explores systems of postgravitational art.

Photography, film and music

The embassy is engaged in many film presentations and festival promotions; together with the EU delegation in Moscow, the embassy co-organises events and is involved in programming. In cooperation with A Atalanta, the film Panic was screened in the framework of European Days 2015.

Laibach is quite popular in Russia and put on concerts at the Glav Club in Moscow and at Aurora in St. Petersburg in 2013.

Slovenian language programmes

In cooperation with the Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language, under the auspice of the Faculty of Arts and the University of Ljubljana, Slovenian language lectureships are established at the state universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Perm.

The Embassy actively collaborates with universities and builds partnerships for cultural cooperation. It also provides information on different Slovenin language courses available in Russia.

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Veleposlaništvo Republike Slovenije Moskva +
Darja Bavdaž Kuret +
Veleposlaništvo Republike Slovenije Moskva +
127006 Moscow +
Ambassador +
Malaja Dmitrovka 14/1 +
The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Moscow is responsible for the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tadzikistan, Uzbekistan, and Belorussia. +
The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Moscow is responsible for the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tadzikistan, Uzbekistan, and Belorussia. +
+7 495 737 6355 +
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