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Koala Voice

Maša Pavoković, Manager

Phone386 (0) 40 594 875
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Koala Voice 2015 Ment Photo Kristijan Likar.jpgKoala Voice posing together with their mascot at MENT Ljubljana in 2015

Founded in 2010, the four-piece rock band Koala Voice delve into an upbeat melange of indie pop, garage rock and disco, shot through with strands of melancholia and psychedelia. Soon after publicly emerging from their home town, the band played at the Rock Otočec festival, won a pair of competitions for young Slovenian bands (Vizije 2014 and "Špil liga" 2014) and was chosen to be one of the participants in the Club Marathon caravan.

After having an uncharacteristically big number of gigs under their belt, Koala Voice self-released their first album in 2015. That same year they were invited to a number of clubs, festivals and musical showcases across Europe and beyond, and were featured as a crucial part in a theatre performance directed by Vlado G. Repnik.


The members of Koala Voice are Manca Trampuš (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Domen Don Holc (lead/solo guitar), Miha Prašnikar (back vocals and drums; he used to be a member of We Can't Sleep at Night), and Tilen Prašnikar (bass guitar), all originating from Kisovec, a settlement in the coal mine area of Zasavje.


Koala Voice has played quite a lot at Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, starting with their participation in the "Špil liga" competition. This was followed by their concert during MENT Ljubljana, the aforementioned theatre performance (which also took place at Stara Elektrarna - Old Power Station) and some other shows. During the Club Marathon, they played at about a dozen Slovenian clubs, which were soon supplemented by a number of other venues and festival gigs at Rad bi bil normalen Festival, In Memoriam Prof. Peter Hafner Festival, Kamfest, etc.

Abroad, the band has played at Wild Mint festival in Russia (where they also had a gig at Ziferblat in Moscow), Exit Festival (RS), Reeperbahn Festival (DE), Waves Vienna (AT), Waves Bratislava (SK), Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL), the Klubovna club in Prague (CZ), etc.

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