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The list below represents the theatre festivals in Slovenia as well as multidisciplinary festivals that also present theatre performances. If you're an international producer or a theatre group interested in performing in Slovenia, you can get in touch with festival organisers through the Infobox in the articles below. The multidisciplinary festivals in Slovenia cover several regions as well as genres.

Another valuable source of information is the Slovenian theatre web portal

For a visual overview of all festivals taking place in Slovenia, see our infographic of all annual festivals happening in recent years, which you can also filter by discipline.

Maribor Theatre Festival

Maribor Theatre Festival 2010 Leonce and Lena Photo Ivan Vinovrski.jpgLeonce and Lena by Bárka Theatre, Maribor Theatre Festival, 2010.

Every autumn since 1966, various Slovene theatres have gathered in Maribor for the Maribor Theatre Festival (known in Slovene as Borštnikovo srečanje). This prestigious event, organized by and held at the Slovene National Theatre Maribor, is the largest annual review of Slovene theatre production. The festival awards the Borštnik Ring Award, the highest accolade for theatre actors in Slovenia. Additionally, Borštnik Awards are bestowed for outstanding achievements in directing, acting, and other categories.

[[|500px|link=Maribor Theatre Festival]]

Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival

Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival 2011 Photo Simon Pintar.jpgAna Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival, 2011

Formally organised since 1998 by the Ana Monró Theatre, the Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival is the biggest festival of street theatre and improvisation arts in Slovenia. Annually held in late June-early July in over 10 cities across Slovenia, the festival offers different street art genres and other performances by renowned and emerging practitioners.

Ana Monró Theatre also organises two further festivals, the autumn Ana Plamenita and the winter Ana Mraz festivals.

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Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival 2011 Photo Simon Pintar.jpg

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