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Explore the Slovenian organisations working at the boundaries of the diverse and active field of new media arts. Connect with transdisciplinary artists who are pushing the limits of technology as well as pushing us to reframe our take on our complex world.

Introduction to New Media Art in Slovenia

Urška Savič

If arts are supposed to foster the understanding, integration and preparation of future developments, then new media art is already part of that future. In response to the artistic use of technologies invented and/or made widely available since the mid-20th century, a generic term new media art or media art was coined, replacing multimedia or mixed media. Although in Slovenia, such art is generally referred to as intermedia art, on the portal, we have been using new media art as terminus technicus.

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Lighting Guerrilla Festival 2013 Form from Form.JPG Od oblike do oblike [Form from Form] in Match Gallery by Dan Adlešič, Tilen Sepič and Matic Potočnik, Lighting Guerrilla Festival in co-production with Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, 2013

New media art web resources

konS platform, Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art
RUK platforma, RUK Network of art and cultural research centers

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    30 Apr 2024

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    Artist Robertina Šebjanič will present her work as part of the group exhibition "A Sea on Edge". The exhibition won't be available from 25th of March to the 14th of April. The exhibition is part of the project A Sea Change, organised by Quo Artis Foundation, KONTEJNER, MOMus - Experimental Center for the Arts, and NeME. Supported by Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Madrid.


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