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From architectural visionaries and landscape luminaries to designers of visual communication and innovative products from A to Z, the articles in this section provide access to key actors in the fields of architecture & design in Slovenia.

Biennial of Design (BIO)

The Biennial of Design, known also by its Slovene acronym BIO, explores and reflects contemporary developments in international design through a collaborative process; questioning and analysing current conditions in industrial production, public and private space, systems and networks. The Biennial operates under the aegis of the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) since the museum’s founding in 1972.

The 28th edition of the Biennial of Design (BIO) will be held between November 2024 and April 2025. Under the title Double Agent the BIO28 will be curated by Professor Alexandra Midal.

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Biennial of Design 2010 Exhibition Photo Tanja Vergles.jpg The 2010 edition of the Biennial of Industrial Design at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana. Biennial of Design (BIO) is one of the few international biennial exhibitions dedicated to showcasing industrial, product, and graphic design work selected by professional design institutions.


Published since May 2015, Outsider is an internationally-minded quarterly magazine, primarily focused on "spatial" culture. As such, it takes architectural and urban issues as a starting point, but then expands them with a myriad of their cultural, social and personal contexts. Consequently, the magazine deals with design, urban planning, literature, photography, architectural trends and history, illustration, and also just curious personalities from in-between these coordinates.

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