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Read up on Slovenia's vibrant book fairs, readings and presentations of books by Slovenian and foreign authors. Make connections with literary publishers and discover their international activity.

Slovenia – Guest of Honour Country at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

In October 2023, Slovenia is the Guest of Honour of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest trade fair for books, under the slogan "Honeycomb of Words". Slovenia's exposure at the Frankfurt Book Fair is an opportunity to strengthen the export potential of national book creativity in the field of literature and illustration, meanwhile the effects can be seen in both the cultural and tourism sector.

Slovenian Book Agency is in charge of the project organisation. It has already intensified the translation of Slovenian books, mostly to German. The program has been curated by Miha Kovač and Matthias Göritz.

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Slovenian-pavillion-frankfurt-2023.png Documentation of winner suggestion for Franfurt Bookfair 2023 Slovenian pavilion created by Urška and Jure Sadar and Martin Smrekar

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